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Attendee Eligibility

Expo is a career fair employers attend to meet Ohio State students and students attend to meet employers and learn about career options related to their majors.

Who can attend?

Although employers come to this event primarily seeking engineering talent, any Ohio State student with a current BuckID is welcome to attend.

Who should attend?

You should attend if you are going to be looking for a co-op, internship, or career opportunity this year, or if you just want to learn more about companies that hire your major.

Can OSU engineering alumni attend the Engineering Expo?

Yes, if you still have your BuckID, bring it. If not, be prepared to show your resume indicating your OSU graduation date. However, please note that employers at campus career events are typically only looking for recent graduates (no more than one or two years from graduation).

I am not an OSU student or alum. Can I attend the Engineering Expo?

No. Employers conduct follow-up interviews through Engineering Career Services at Ohio State and such interviews are only open to OSU engineering students.

Do I need to be registered with Engineering Career Services to attend Engineering Expo?

You can attend the Engineering Expo even if you are not registered with Engineering Career Services (ECS).  However it's very beneficial to have an active job search account with ECS, since most of the employers conduct interviews through ECS after Expo.

Of course, there are hundreds of additional opportunities available all year around to help students with job search accounts. To register with ECS, visit